Suitable EMC-System


How to select the suitable system for my problem?

The file “Geeignetes Abschirmsystem – Grafik” shows usual examples for EMC-products.

For further details please contact us.

How much shielding is needed?

Generally is this dependant on the range of use. For professional use written advices are available on request. For residential installations a partial shielding can be useful too. For example one shielded wall facing a cell phone transmitter.

Can the function of a shielding be demonstrated by a cell phone?

That´s very difficult, because a cell phone is not a measurement device.

A serious and reliable information can only be achieved by the use of a good measurement device (calibrated if possible).

marTECH Systems offers measurement devices to you, which are simple to use, good in quality and pricing.

Does an EMC-shielding lose it´s function after some time of using it?

No, the function is not influenced, either you have any mechanical damage of the shielding.

Do I have to connect a shielding to the earth?

Yes, for safety reasons an earth connection is always needed. The earthing is needed for the function with low frequency fields too. In addition to the instructions for earthing from the installation guideline the standard rules of technique as well as the valid national regulations and standards have to be observed.

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